Position on Political Support

Winnebago Industries does not provide funding to political candidates and does not have or support a political action committee. When an individual makes a private contribution to a political candidate, federal regulations require they indicate their employer of record. The confusion that can occur around this issue is the result of that data being publicized in a manner that would lead some to believe a company rather than individuals who identify as current or former employees made the donation(s).

Winnebago Industries supports the freedom for individuals to support political positions and campaigns with their own resources as they see fit.

Position on Political Visits

Because of the company’s Iowa roots, we have had extensive exposure with political candidates requesting visits specific to presidential elections and the run up to the Iowa Caucuses. Based on these experiences, it is our established practice to not encourage or allow political candidates to visit company facilities.

It is our practice to accept visits from sitting elected officials for the purpose of meetings with management and facility tours. This practice is further delineated in that the elected official must be representing the district or area in which the facility is located. i.e. It would be appropriate for the elected United States Representative for Iowa House District 1 to visit our Waverly, Iowa facilities in that district, but not appropriate for the District 1 representative to visit our Forest City, Iowa facilities as they are geographically in United States House of Representatives Iowa House District 4.