All In, Outdoors

Together with our employees and communities, we are on a journey to improve. Winnebago Industries and our brand families are committed to embracing Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Action in the workplace. We strive to practice the same ideals with our customers, dealer partners, suppliers and within our industry. 

We Believe

We believe in the value of building a company and community where every person feels welcome, is treated fairly, and has an equal opportunity to succeed while bringing their authentic self to work. All In, Outdoors is a deliberate approach to how we act and treat each other at Winnebago Industries, and a roadmap for creating a better sense of belonging in our workplace, our communities and the outdoors.

The Values That Support All In, Outdoors

We are investing in 4 key areas to drive greater inclusion, diversity, equity and action at Winnebago Industries and beyond. We are committed to building a stronger, inclusive culture in our company and communities. Together, we are All In, Outdoors.

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Expand the talent pipeline

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Advance, develop and retain talent

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Enrich the employee experience

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Influence inclusion across our industry

Our progress

DEI employee stats

Chart summary: The Winnebago Industries Board of Directors is 30 percent women and 20 percent racially and ethnically diverse, while company leadership is 24 percent women and 11 percent racially and ethnically diverse. The total workforce of Winnebago Industries is 25 percent women and 17 percent racially and ethnically diverse.

Join Our Team

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive culture where all are welcome, and would love to speak with you about opportunities within our family of brands.

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with these leading industry and outdoor-oriented organizations that share our values and ideals.