eRV2 solar panel_

Product Stewardship

  • Goal - Advance Product Sustainability with eco-friendly upgrade options on all new products by 2025
  • Goal - Product Life Cycle Assessment by 2030

Winnebago Industries is committed to offering eco-friendly upgrade options on all new products by 2025 and incorporating life cycle assessment into new product offerings by 2030. As new products are developed and improvements are made to existing products, we will address these upstream and downstream environmental impacts. We promote procurement practices that are sustainable, in accordance with national policies and priorities. We are excited about this goal, and we have already begun the journey on creating technology that delivers a lower environmental footprint. In 2018, Winnebago Industries introduced the first all-electric, zero-emission specialty vehicle, a platform for mobile medical units, mobile preschools, bookmobiles and more. In 2022, Winnebago debuted the eRV2, and all-electric concept motorhome. Several product offerings include alternative energy options, such as solar panels and lithium-ion technology.