Pontoon boat on the water

Four New Innovations to Watch for from Winnebago Industries

At Winnebago Industries, our commitment to custom-led design and innovation is critical to how we deliver on our promise to help people connect more deeply to the outdoors.   

“Our goal is to create an unparalleled customer experience beyond out competition,” says Shailendra Singh, vice president of advanced technology for Winnebago Industries. “Our innovation ‘muscle’ allows us to unlock these experiences. We consistently strive to provide exciting, more convenient, more accessible ways to explore the benefits of the outdoors.” 

Here are four recent ways our team is innovating to redefine how our customers travel, live, work and play.  

Winnebago Connect: Revolutionizing RV Travel  

The Winnebago brand wants customers to experience the future of RV travel with Winnebago Connect, a first-of-its kind, intelligent RV platform designed to simplify vehicle operations. Seamlessly integrating with the Winnebago app, it keeps a close eye on all vehicle systems, providing updates and making RV operations and maintenance more convenient than ever. 

With Winnebago Connect, you can:  

  • Project duration of off-grid power supply based on usage 

  • Receive remote diagnostics 

  • Control locks, lights and the climate in your RV 

  • Receive maintenance reminders and step-by-step video tutorials 

  • Obtain over-the-air software upgrades to update features and security functions  

  • Receive alerts for power loss, system status, weather and more 


“We’re beyond thrilled to release Winnebago Connect,” said Kim Weckert, vice president of digital transformation & customer experience strategy for the Winnebago brand. “Empowered with intuitive control, it proactively manages on-board systems according to your preferences. It’s part co-pilot, part concierge, and will change the way you RV.” 

Barletta Unveils Industry-First: Center-Mounted Twin-Engine Pontoon  

Barletta Pontoon Boats recently announced an industry-first innovation with the 2024 Lusso 25 Ultra-Lounge, a center-mounted twin-engine pontoon boat engineered for enhanced performance and a safer swimming experience. 

The center engines significantly improve performance and functionality while creating an unparalleled smooth and powerful ride. In addition, the new pontoon features safe and usable space at the boat’s stern, with a functional aft deck sporting two pet-friendly, wide-step boarding ladders for a safer and more accessible path for entering and exiting the water. 

Recognizing this significant step forward for the pontoon industry, the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) honored the center-mounted twin-engine pontoon boat with an Innovation Award at the 2024 Minneapolis Boat Show. 

Lithionics Battery Introduces Dual Channel Battery System 

The newest addition to the Winnebago Industries family, Lithionics Battery, has released a first-of-its-kind dual channel battery system with advanced battery solutions. Leveraging the proprietary battery management software, the Never-Die Battery Management System (BMS) ensures uninterrupted power for integral systems, like navigation, to give boaters peace of mind on the water. It even reduces generator run times, leading to significant savings in maintenance costs. 

The dual channel battery management system is the culmination of years of work and a desire to keep boaters safe on the water. It has received high marks and certification from UL Solutions, the organization that accredits lithium batteries, which demonstrates our ongoing commitment to providing safe battery solutions to our customers. 

Winnebago Specialty Vehicles’ Fully Electric Chassis

Electric vehicles are nothing new for Winnebago Industries, having introduced its first EV model back in 2018 through the Winnebago brand Specialty Vehicles division. To mark the next step on our electrification journey, we’ve partnered with Xos, Inc. to develop a fully electric chassis. 

This collaboration leverages Xos established SV platform technology for quick scalability, reliable access to parts, ongoing software improvements and scalable service support for Winnebago’s chassis.  

“Our approach to innovation is rooted in embracing change and collaborating across our businesses to create the best possible experiences for our customers,” said Jamie Sorenson, a director in Winnebago Industries’ Advanced Technology Group, a project partner. “We constantly monitor evolving customer needs and technology solutions. Our partnership with Xos represents a significant milestone in our journey into the future of electric specialty vehicles.” 

Expect to see the fully electric chassis on a variety of vehicle applications, such as mobile child advocacy centers, medical and dental clinics, blood donation vehicles, and mobile command vehicles.