Barletta boats best pontoon hacks

Barletta Boats Best Pontoon Hacks

As we all know, there are hacks for almost anything and everything you do in life. There are a million different cooking hacks, thousands of crafting hacks, and the list goes on. As a boater, I’ve learned a bunch of boating hacks that I plan to share with you.

These are things that make your life on the boat easier but are not required. You can pick and choose from this list to see what fits your lifestyle the best. Boating is a fun and relaxing way to enjoy warm weather during the summer months.

Though boating is fun and should be fairly easy to understand, certain tips can make time out on the water more enjoyable for everyone on board. I’ve compiled a list from my lifetime of boating and have also relied on other experts in the field here at Barletta. 

The hacks are a little secret that many people may never even consider. Check them out to see what makes sense for you. And shhh, we don’t need everyone to know all of our secrets.