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In record numbers, people are connecting with the outdoors – something Winnebago Industries has helped make possible for decades. Our brands are synonymous with discovering and experiencing outdoor adventures. And now, we’re reshaping the future of outdoor recreation with the Winnebago Industries e-RV concept vehicle – the first all-electric zero emission motorhome from a major RV manufacturer. 

Developed by Winnebago Industries’ Advanced Technology Group, the e-RV is a fully functional, all-electric concept vehicle that redefines efficiency, comfort and functionality for an RV. The e-RV concept vehicle is an entirely new approach. It combines all-electric operation with sustainable and innovative materials, brings the comforts and conveniences of home wherever you go, and keeps people connected with advanced systems and technologies. The e-RV is meant to be our first offering in this space and is the manifestation of Winnebago Industries’ innovative work across our enterprise.

For the seasoned RVer, the e-RV concept vehicle is a new way to experience the outdoors. And for a new generation of RVers – who want to preserve the natural world as much as they want to enjoy it – the e-RV concept vehicle presents a modern and authentic way to explore the outdoors with minimal eco impact. 


e-RV Product Details

The Winnebago Industries e-RV concept vehicle is an entirely new, all-electric, zero emission RV that incorporates an advanced drive train and battery package that also powers all the living area systems of the coach. Key features of the e-RV concept vehicle include:

  • In-vehicle appliances aligned to optimize energy usage and battery performance while maximizing comfort and functionality. Key elements include 350-volt DC power for the water heater and roof mounted air conditioner with heat pump, 110-volt AC for the induction cooktop and the refrigerator, which can also operate on 12-volt DC power for enhanced flexibility and convenience.
  • Flexible battery charging source capabilities, that allow for charging at home, campgrounds and dedicated charging stations. Charging time is around 45-minutes at high-current charging stations.
  • Evolving battery technology and applications continue to drive capabilities and mileage range increases are anticipated as the concept vehicle further develops. Currently, an industry standard, 86-kWh battery configuration provides a range of 125 miles while powering on-board systems. This range will meet the needs of a majority (54%) of new RV buyers who prefer to make trips under 200 miles (1).  
  • An integrated control system that enables operation of subsystems, optimizes load and efficiency, and displays system information and controls on a digital display. The control systems can be monitored through a tablet or smartphone app.
  • High performance wireless connectivity through a residential grade wi-fi network via dual-modem router that enables high data streaming levels. 
  • Premium galley amenities including a modern, marine-grade refrigerator, slide out induction cooktop, and matte black sink fixtures. The bathroom includes a toilet and contemporary fixtures including a detachable, handheld shower head.
  • Materials throughout the e-RV concept vehicle are selected with a preference for eco-friendly and sustainable options. This includes sustainable, recycled cork-rubber flooring and woolen wall appliques to enhance thermal and wall insulation.
  • A chassis based on a readily available Ford Transit platform that has been modified with an advanced electrical power system from Lightning e Motors that powers the drivetrain, vehicle controls and living quarters. 

Winnebago Industries Advanced Technology Group

Winnebago Industries Advanced Technology Group (ATG) was established in 2019 to identify and develop emerging technologies for application within future products and services in the company’s various business units. The all-electric concept motorhome is the first public facing example of ATG work streams and demonstrates a commitment to innovation and sustainability with product electrification, connectivity and improving user interface experiences for customers.

e-RV Road Trip: June 2022

Winnebago Industries e-RV on bridge

Winnebago Industries e-RV, charging at night

Winnebago Industries e-RV, rock and roll hall of fame

Winnebago Industries e-RV, rock and roll hall of fame

Winnebago Industries e-RV, on bridge

Winnebago Industries e-RV, Indiana State Park, birds eye

Winnebago Industries e-RV, state park

Winnebago Industries e-RV at charging station

Winnebago Industries e-RV at charging station

Winnebago Industries e-RV at charging station

Watch the Reveal of the Winnebago Industries e-RV

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Winnebago Industries e-RV woman preparing a meal

Winnebago Industries e-RV, enjoying campfire

Winnebago Industries e-RV, still at dusk

Winnebago Industries e-RV, driving down the street

Winnebago Industries e-RV, driving side view

Winnebago Industries e-RV inside view, mudroom

Winnebago Industries e-RV inside view, front to back

Winnebago Industries e-RV parked by lake

Winnebago Industries e-RV bed setup

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