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Chris-Craft, America’s boatbuilder since 1874, presents the all-electric, zero-emissions Launch 25 GTe concept

Remarkably quiet, efficient, and powerful, the Launch 25 GTe is an electric, zero-emissions concept boat that lets you hear more of what really matters while still enjoying legendary Chris-Craft performance.

The fully operational Launch 25 GTe includes a sterndrive configuration with an electric motor and battery bank that replaces the engine and fuel systems. The creation of the Launch 25 GTe is an important step for the iconic boatbuilder on the journey to bring an electrified experience to the luxury boat market. Further testing will be conducted to refine a commercialized product.

Battery Capacity 133 kwh
Run Time 2 hours (Approximate)
Top Speed 50 mph
Length 25'8"/7.81m
Dry Weight 7,755 lbs / 3,525 kg

Propelled by a Legacy of Innovation

The Launch 25 GTe was developed with EVOA Propulsion, a leading developer of electric propulsion systems for the recreational marine market, and the Advanced Technology Group of Winnebago Industries. ATG focuses on improving the company’s ability to identify, evaluate and deploy industry-changing technologies across the company’s portfolio of premium outdoor brands including marine and recreational vehicles.

“Our Advanced Technology Group is excited to partner with the Chris-Craft team to bring forward electric drive-train advances to an iconic brand,” said Shailendra Singh, vice president of Winnebago Industries Advanced Technology Group. “This is our first manifestation of an electric marine product under the Winnebago Industries portfolio, we look forward to making future advancements within our marine segment.”

Meet the all-electric, zero-emissions concept boat now.

Winnebago Debuts eRV2

Be Great, Outdoors.
Extraordinary Experiences Electrified.

In record numbers, people are connecting with the outdoors – something Winnebago Industries has helped make possible for decades. Our brands are synonymous with discovering and experiencing outdoor adventures. We take pride in being a leading manufacturer of outdoor products that enable extraordinary experiences.

At Winnebago Industries, we believe that electric outdoor vehicles provide the next frontier for extraordinary experiences. For seasoned outdoor adventurers, electric outdoor vehicles are a new way to experience the outdoors. And for a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts – who want to preserve the natural world as much as they want to enjoy it – electric outdoor vehicles present a modern and authentic way to explore the outdoors with minimal eco impact.


e-RV Product Details

The eRV2 is a fully operational prototype of its all-electric, zero-emission RV and is the second iteration of the original e-RV concept vehicle. Rigorous field testing with everyday consumers is underway to provide insights that will inform the eRV2’s final design before hitting dealerships in the future. Key features of the e-RV concept vehicle include:

  • Both the powertrain and the house systems are powered by electricity, allowing for silent and environmentally responsible travel, and up to seven days of Boondocking, aided in part by 900-Watt solar capacity.
  • Winnebago partnered with Lithionics Battery® to create a proprietary IonBlade® lithium house battery which is the most powerful, compact and safe lithium battery system available today. It features a 48V system with more than 15,000 usable watt-hours, and a unique thin lay-flat design stored beneath the floor to maximize interior space.
  • The proprietary Winnebago Connect system allows users to easily monitor and control the vehicle’s electrical and energy management systems using a display inside the vehicle or an intuitive app.

Winnebago Industries Advanced Technology Group

Winnebago Industries Advanced Technology Group (ATG) was established in 2019 to improve the company’s ability to identify, evaluate and deploy industry-changing products and services within each of its brands across four key technology areas – alternative energy management, data & connectivity, material science, and autonomy. Over the next five years, ATG will support the design of a new generation of RV and marine products that will drive a step change in customer experience, a golden thread of the organization.

In November 2022, Winnebago Industries announced the development of a new facility and expanded resources dedicated to innovating next-generation technologies for the recreational vehicle and marine industries. The Winnebago Industries Advanced Technology Innovation Center will focus on incubating and prototyping new technology applications across a wide range of technical and product-feature categories, including alternative energy management and autonomy.

e-RV Road Trip: June 2022

Winnebago Industries e-RV on bridge

Winnebago Industries e-RV, charging at night

Winnebago Industries e-RV, rock and roll hall of fame

Winnebago Industries e-RV, rock and roll hall of fame

Winnebago Industries e-RV, on bridge

Winnebago Industries e-RV, Indiana State Park, birds eye

Winnebago Industries e-RV, state park

Winnebago Industries e-RV at charging station

Winnebago Industries e-RV at charging station

Winnebago Industries e-RV at charging station

Winnebago Industries e-RV

In January 2022, Winnebago Industries unveiled the e-RV concept vehicle – the first all-electric zero emission motorhome from a major RV manufacturer. 

Developed by Winnebago Industries’ Advanced Technology Group, the e-RV is a fully functional, all-electric concept vehicle that redefines efficiency, comfort and functionality for an RV. The e-RV concept vehicle is an entirely new approach. It combines all-electric operation with sustainable and innovative materials, brings the comforts and conveniences of home wherever you go, and keeps people connected with advanced systems and technologies. The e-RV was the first offering in this space and is the manifestation of Winnebago Industries’ innovative work across its enterprise.

In June 2022, the e-RV completed a more than 1,300-mile All Electric RV Road Trip that began in Washington D.C. and ended in Eden Prairie, Minnesota--the headquarters of Winnebago Industries. This has been the longest continuous road trip conducted with the e-RV, and the first known trip over 1,000 miles by an all-electric RV.

As a concept vehicle, the e-RV enabled Winnebago Industries to document real world performance factors and gather additional data that will drive further refinements as the technology is assimilated into future production vehicles. The eRV2 is an example of new iterations.

Watch the Reveal of the Winnebago Industries e-RV

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Winnebago Industries e-RV woman preparing a meal

Winnebago Industries e-RV, enjoying campfire

Winnebago Industries e-RV, still at dusk

Winnebago Industries e-RV, driving down the street

Winnebago Industries e-RV, driving side view

Winnebago Industries e-RV inside view, mudroom

Winnebago Industries e-RV inside view, front to back

Winnebago Industries e-RV parked by lake

Winnebago Industries e-RV bed setup


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