Service - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Winnebago Industries?

Mail:   Winnebago Industries, Inc.
  605 W. Crystal Lake Rd
  P.O. Box 152
  Forest City, IA 50436-0152
Corporate Switchboard: (641) 585-3535
Service Administration: (800) 537-1885
Fax: (641) 585-6966


How do I locate my nearest Winnebago/Itasca dealer?

You can utilize the Dealer Locator on our website.


How do I order parts for my motor home, obtain parts pricing or check on the status of an ordered part?

Parts can be obtained by placing an order directly with any authorized Winnebago or Itasca dealer.  To locate your nearest Winnebago/Itasca dealer, utilize our Dealer Locator.

As Winnebago Industries does not have any direct sales through the factory, your local dealer can also assist you with part pricing.

Your selected Winnebago/Itasca dealer will most likely need the Winnebago Identification Number (WIN) from your motor home to research your parts inquiry.

Once you have placed an order, only your selected dealer can provide you with the status of the ordered part.

Your satisfaction as a Winnebago/Itasca owner is of the utmost importance to us.  If you should experience difficulty in obtaining parts through your selected dealer, please contact us directly at (800) 537-1885.

Note: While Winnebago Industries can supply many parts for units not in current production, soft goods (upholstery, curtains, floor coverings and furniture) are not available long after the model year’s production cycle.  It may be necessary to utilize a local upholstery shop for these types of items.


Where can I locate the WIN (Winnebago Identification Number) of my motor home and what is the difference between the WIN and the VIN?

The WIN (Winnebago Identification Number) is the number Winnebago uses to identify your motor home.  You can find the WIN on the Certification Label on the driver’s door or placed on the wall to the left of the driver’s seat.  You may also find the WIN on the Carrying Capacity Sheet located in the main wardrobe closet.

The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is the serial number the Chassis Manufacturer uses to identify the chassis of the motor home.


How can I contact the chassis manufacturer?

If your concerns relate to the engine, transmission, suspension, etc. you should contact the chassis manufacturer directly.

Caterpillar/Engine – (877) 777-3126
Chevrolet Motor Division – (800) 222-1020
Chrysler – (800) 992-1997
Ford Motor Company – (800) 392-3673
Freightliner – (800) 385-4357
Cummins/Engine – (800) 343-7357
Allison/Transmission – (800) 252-5283
Spartan – (800) 543-4277
Volkswagen – (800) 822-8987
Workhorse Custom Chassis – (877) 946-7731

How do I obtain a schematic for my motor home?

Wiring and Plumbing diagrams for current production and dating back to 1990 are located in the Manuals & Diagrams section of our website. 


Where can I find contact information for the appliances in my motor home?

Supplier Links for the accessories and appliances used in your Winnebago/Itasca motor home are located in the Service section of our website.


Can I take a tour of the Winnebago factory?

Free tours are offered:
• Twice daily (Monday through Friday) April through October at 9:00 a.m. and 1 p.m.
• Once daily at 1:00 p.m. November 1 through the day before Thanksgiving.

Special accommodations can be arranged for large tour groups. Reservations are recommended for groups larger than 6 people. Please do not wear open-toed shoes.

Note: Regular daily tours are not offered on Holidays, the week of July 4th or during winter months from Thanksgiving through March 31st. .

Due to flexibilities in production schedules and just in time production practices, not all factory complex areas are in full operation at all times. Please contact us at the number below with any specific questions regarding Factory Tour times and dates.

Contact info:
641-585-6936 or 1-800-643-4892

You can obtain more information at the Visit Us section of our website.


Can I come to the factory for service?

Yes.  Winnebago has a Service Facility to assist you with warranty and retail repairs.  You can contact our Service Facility directly to set an appointment at (866) 311-7133.


What kind of warranty do you offer?

You can check out our warranty information on the Service/Warranty section of our website.


Does Winnebago Industries offer a Roadside Assistance Program?

Every new Winnebago Industries motor home owner automatically receives a free one-year membership in the Company’s Premium Roadside Assistance Program, which provides 24-hour customer assistance and emergency road service throughout the United States and Canada. Premium Roadside Assistance includes features, such as free tire change, lock out assistance, emergency fuel delivery and assistance in locating repair facilities when traveling. 


Why could my chassis be a different year than my RV?

This is a very common question within the RV industry, not just Winnebago Industries. The chassis of a motorized product is purchased from a chassis manufacturer (Ford, Chevy, Workhorse, Freightliner, Daimler Chrysler, etc.) as an "Incomplete Vehicle" (with an established chassis serial number). When Winnebago Industries completes the vehicle, we assign a model year and a Winnebago Industries Identification Number (WIN) to the coach portion. The RV industry and chassis manufacturer model years change at different times. In other words, Winnebago Industries may introduce the 2007 model year unit in June of 2006, but the chassis manufacturer doesn't introduce the 2007 chassis until September of 2006. Because Winnebago Industries "Completes the Vehicle" and assigns the model year, the value of any Winnebago Industries unit is determined by the model year of the Winnebago/Itasca.