Manufacturer of products that include the use of fabrics and upholstery

• 72,000 Sq. Ft. Facility for the design and construction of fabric, vinyl, and leather items.
• One loading dock
• Prototype and pattern development department.

Cutting Department
• Two automatic fabric lay-up machines on two 60-foot cutting tables.
• Gerber 7200 and S91 material cutters

Sewing Department
• Two conveyorized sewing lines, equipped with Adler and Brother sewing stations

Drapery Department
• Various sewing stations to manufacture curtains, pillows, shams, bedspreads and window valances.

Seat Assembly and Upholstery Department
• Produces a number of different styles in a wide variety of fabrics.

About Us
• Outstanding equipment plus skilled Stitchcraft seamstresses and craftsmen:
– Single needle sewing stations (56)
– Double needle sewing stations (4)
– Serger sewing stations (5)
– Gribetz quilter
– Samco die press
– CNC Gerber cutter (2)
• Stitchcraft has the equipment, skills, and experience to make such items as:
– Sofas
– Lounge chairs
– Dinette sets

– Vehicle seating
– Bedspreads
– Pillows and shams
– Window treatments and shades
– Mattresses
• If your design or production need involves fabric, vinyl, leather, foam, or upholstery, chances are we can do it.  And our answer will include a high degree of attention to quality and cost controls, as well as your delivery requirements.  To find out more about Stitchcraft products and services, call 641-585-3535 and ask for the Stitchcraft plant manager.

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Stitchcraft is a division of Winnebago Industries, Inc.® Forest City, Iowa 50436