Key Features: TrueAir

Our Exclusive TrueAir® Gives You Real Central Air Comfort and Convenience.

In your house, you know how much better central air is than a window unit. That’s the idea behind TrueAir residential central air conditioning. Because it’s in the basement — not on the roof — with ducts running throughout the coach’s ceiling, you’ll feel a consistent flow of cool air. TrueAir is quieter, and it delivers cool air more consistently throughout the coach. Choose the available heat pump option and take the chill off of a cool morning without starting the furnace. Plus, there’s no condensation dripping down the sides of your vehicle. It also reduces clearance height, is easier to service and uses standard furnace air filters for better air quality. Just a few more ways that TrueAir keeps you from getting hot under the collar.

TrueAir Cools 40% Faster Than Traditional RV Roof Air Units
TrueAir’s innovative design combines two cooling circuits and two high efficiency compressors into one compact and convenient package controlled by a single thermostat. The dual cooling circuits allow TrueAir to run more efficiently by utilizing one cooling circuit when cooling demands are low.

As cooling demands increase, TrueAir’s second cooling circuit powers up automatically until your cooling needs are met and then powers down. That’s real cooling efficiency -- proven by tests to cool 40% faster than traditional roof air units.

Runs 10% Quieter than Roof air
TrueAir is not only tops in climate control, it’s easier on the ears, too. Tests show that TrueAir operates at a decibel level that’s 10% quieter than dual roof air in similar sized vehicles and eliminates the overhead noise and vibration associated with roof air units. If you know your way around motor homes, that’s a difference you’ll appreciate -- inside and out.

No Nasty Roof Drips -- it's in the Basement
TrueAir’s Basement location provides a more aerodynamic exterior look, lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity and eliminates the condensation run-off problems and sidewall streaking associated with roof air systems.

Plus, our Smart Space design philosophy optimizes the positioning of TrueAir and other systems to maximize exterior storage.

Energy Efficient and Full A/C even when just 30 amps are available
Because of highly efficient EE rated compressors that use less energy, the TrueAir system draws fewer amps. Both compressors can be fully operational on 30 amp electrical service.

When operating on a 30 amp service if coach 110V power demands exceed 30 amps, the PowerLine Energy Management System selectively powers off specific individual applicances to enable TrueAir to continue to operate. When the peak demand passes, PowerLine automatically recycles appliances back to full power without a hitch in your living comfort.

Consistent Airflow right where you want it.
TrueAir provides plenty of fully directional ceiling vents that let you control the amount and the direction of cooled air. You’ll get 600+ cubic feet per minute (cfm) of airflow versus 580 cfm for most dual roof air units.

Supplemental Heat, too
With TrueAir, an advanced heat pump system works in conjunction with the furnace, switching automatically from heat pump to furnace and back as required. It’s fully coordinated with the furnace to reduce LP usage when heating.

Better Filtration
High-quality, residential size and style filters provide improved air quality. Their easy-to-access location makes the filter-changing job a snap.

TrueAir has no equal
40% faster cooling, 10% quieter operation, no roof condensation and fully operational on 30 amps of service. When you look closely, you'll see that there simply is no equal to TrueAir when it comes to RV climate control.




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Key Feature Comparison

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