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Enjoy Comfort From Head to ToeSM on the Sleep Number Bed by Select Comfort™

Now motor home owners can enjoy the luxurious comfort and the restful night’s sleep which millions of homeowners already enjoy: The Queen-size Sleep Number Bed by Select Comfort™ is now available on selected Winnebago models. Using the digital Sleep Number® hand control you can quickly adjust each side of the mattress to your individualized, ideal level of comfort and support by setting your Sleep Number® - Your Key to a Better Night’s SleepSM.

Winnebago Industries, Inc. and Select Comfort have partnered to offer you a superior-quality sleeping experience in your motor home with The Sleep Number Bed by Select Comfort™ RV edition- made exclusively for Winnebago Industries.

What Is A Sleep Number® Bed?
Unlike traditional mattresses which are made from metal coils and springs, the Sleep Number Bed by Select Comfort™ uses uniquely designed air chambers to provide a gentle cushion of support that can be easily adjusted to your preference for comfort and firmness. In addition, the Sleep Number® bed allows couples to individually adjust each side of the bed to the precise comfort level each partner prefers.

What Is A Sleep Number®?
A Sleep Number® is The Key to a Better Night’s SleepSM, and it can only be found on a Sleep Number Bed by Select Comfort™. It is a setting between zero and 100 that represents the ideal combination of mattress comfort, firmness and support for your body, giving you the best night’s sleep possible.

Benefits Of The Sleep Number Bed by Select Comfort™ RV edition:
• Dual-adjustability allows each of you to adjust the mattress to be firmer/softer whenever your needs change.
• Set your Sleep Number® comfort setting with the state-of-the-art Sleep Number® digital hand control (2 included).
• Luxurious 9 1/2” of total mattress thickness features 3 1/2” of Pillowtop Anti-Microbial cushioning.
• Air Chambers are made of 24-gauge rubber, heat-bonded at seams for strength & laminated with non-stretch cotton.
• The Deluxe Sleep Number® Firmness Control™ System is UL approved and operates on 60 watts of power with a 110-volt outlet.




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Key Feature Comparison

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