Our Facilities

The Home of Hard Work and Innovation.

At Winnebago Industries, items such as furniture, holding tanks, bumpers and galley cabinets are literally "built from scratch" in our own facilities.

We start with raw materials such as billets of aluminum, bulk dimension lumber and pellets or sheets of plastic and end with finished products.

Winnebago Industries operates what are clearly the largest and most sophisticated recreation vehicle (RV) production facilities in the world.

Producing so much ourselves results in many benefits for owners of Winnebago Industries’ products.

First of all, there is QUALITY. Since so much of each motor home and travel trailer is made by Winnebago Industries in the heartland of the U.S.A., we can easily set and maintain the strictest quality controls possible.

Also, doing it ourselves allows us to design to our needs and not use some off-the-shelf item designed for another use. Making it ourselves also gives faster turnaround on improvements and new designs.

And, there’s the advantage of availability of replacement parts. Dies and molds are kept on hand. So, if you need a holding tank 10 years from now, you can get one. The tank was made by us, not by someone else who has long since gone out of business or shifted production.

The Winnebago Industries main production facility in Forest City, Iowa covers about 200 acres, not counting parking areas near the main complex. The 20-plus buildings on the site have a total of approximately 60 acres (2 million square feet) under roof.

There are also satellite manufacturing facilities at Charles City and Lake Mills, Iowa and Middlebury, Indiana. These facilities add another 534,300 square feet (approximately) of manufacturing space. Total Winnebago Industries employment is approximately 2,680 as of August 31, 2013.

There are several major divisions within Winnebago Industries, each producing a specific series of items for our RVs. The Winnebago Industries production family includes:

CAPCO: Creative Aluminum Products Company (CAPCO) first converts billets of superheated aluminum into extrusions using two huge presses. Then these extrusions are used to make windows, ladders, screen doors and other items.

Rotocast: This facility contains large rotational molding machines used to produce items such as holding tanks, fresh water tanks, luggage compartments, heat ducts and wheel wells.

Plastics: This facility processes more than 1.1 million pounds of raw materials a year. Sheets of plastic are heated and vacuum formed. Motor home components manufactured here include shower stalls, dashboards, even tail light housings.

Stitchcraft: The Stitchcraft division is responsible for providing soft goods for Winnebago Industries motor homes. These include chairs, sofas, cushions, draperies, shades, foam mattresses, bedspreads and trim panels.

Sawmill/Cabinet Shop: This facility is responsible for supplying wood components, including doors, cabinets, laminated panels and counter tops.

Metal Stamping: This facility is responsible for supplying steel components which are used throughout Winnebago Industries motor homes. This includes structural steel and sheet metal parts. In recent years, Metal Stamping has processed more than 13,500 tons of steel a year.

Fiberglass:  The Fiberglass facility generates exterior fiberglass components including front end, roof caps and back wall parts.

Warehousing: There are 14 truck docks for receiving and shipping materials at the largest building on our Forest City campus. The Warehouse facilities has the ability to process between $3.5 to $4 million in parts each week. With that base volume and because we manufacture most of our own parts, you can rest easy knowing you can readily access replacement parts.

Chassis Prep: Winnebago Industries is well known for its steel surround cab structure which gives our motor homes a greatly increased safety factor. In this building, cab assemblies are manufactured and are processed through a 12-stage full immersion electrodeposition coating system. Chassis are modified and the cabs are then attached using the latest in laser alignment technology.

Motor Home Production: This is where the final assembly of motor homes takes place. It contains three moving assembly lines, each approximately 900 feet in length.

The electrical system, LP system, holding tanks and water system are fully tested on each unit.

Every motor home also goes through a severe water test. Each coach gets five minutes of concentrated water spray from 160 spray heads that deliver water at a rainfall rate of 50 inches per hour.

Shipout: Before a motor home is shipped, a Pre-Delivery Audit (PDA) is conducted at Shipout. A total functional test of each system is performed and there’s a final inspection.

Towable Production: The company builds SunnyBrook and Winnebago brand travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers in Middlebury, Indiana. Our towable products are the result of modern design and high technology with employees who believe that doing it right starts with fresh ideas, practical designs, a workplace that’s enjoyable, and people who care.

All of this adds up to more for you, the RV customer. And, after all, isn’t quality and value what you want?